Latin Cruises 

For almost 18 years we are bringing one of the most popular event in the city of Vancouver.
Get ready and check our page to buy the tickets in advance. We started with 2 cruises during the summer and on 2020 we are doing 14 Latin Cruises.

Salsa Vancouver

Salsa Tuesdays

This is the longest Salsa Event in The West Coast. 16 Years running with out stop. Dj Cachete has been playing every Tuesday since the first Tuesday on July 20 2004 at Atlantis, Boss, Red Room, Joe’s Apartment and Now Studio Nightclub.

DjCachete Vancouver

Dj Cachete

Vancouver Latin Fever started in 1998 when Dj Cachete played for the first time at Chivanas Restaurant and after that He played at The Plaza Club for 4 months and he gets really popular at LUCE on Wednesdays and Crush on Mondays after that Red Room will be the place plus other venues.

Salsa Fridays Vancouver



Cancun Nites Red Room

Cancun Nites

Cancun Nites is one of the Longest events running in the City of Vancouver. VLF started this night on March 2004

Vancouver Salsa Thursday


Mangos Saturdays

Every Saturday for almost more than 8 years Saturdays has been running at Mangos lounge. Sept 2012 was the year We started this event.